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Prove your learning programs power your business

Connect your learning data to business results

Turn your learning data into actionable insights that support your business KPIs

Show (don’t tell) that your programs create healthy customers, strengthen partner relationships, and drive employee performance with Learndevopssoftware Learning Analytics.

Get a deeper understanding of your learning programs

Your learning programs generate big data. Learndevopssoftware Learning Analytics gives you the tools you need to automatically collect and analyze all that valuable data. So you can clearly understand how your learning programs are performing and how that data connects to other areas of your business.

Create custom dashboards using widgets

Your organization is unique. You need dashboards that reflect that. With 20+ drag-and-drop widgets to accommodate your Business KPIs, it’s easy to create detailed, customized dashboards that can be shared across the business and accessed on the fly.

Measure user engagement

Some learning programs perform better than others, but it’s not always easy to quickly analyze that. Learndevopssoftware Learning Analytics measures quantitative data (such as user engagement, course efficiency, and learning quality to name a few) and provides data-driven insights into how you can tweak less engaging programs to improve results.

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