LMS for financial services

Time to upgrade your e-learning strategy? We’ve got you covered.

We’re here to take on your everyday business challenges with you.

Minimize risk with your learning platform

Keep accurate and up-to-date partner, customer, and employee training records and audit trails to minimize risk when your company is audited.

Deliver the right e-learning content at the right time

Update and deliver your learning programs when it’s needed most, in ways that best reflect how people learn at work.

Navigate employee training with confidence

Eliminate compliance training complexities and deliver flexible e-learning content to everyone. Connect customers, partners, and employees to the ins and outs of your business, its products, and its services through digital learning.

Key features & benefits of an LMS for financial services

Simplify managing your e-learning content

Centralize social and digital learning training materials into a single learning platform, equipped with robust version control to maintain consistency and adhere to regulatory compliance requirements.

Simplify record keeping and automate your audit trail through your LMS

Automate user and course management across business units and locations. Capture and store audit trails that are fully compliant with your regulatory compliance requirements.

Ensure airtight data security and integrity with your LMS

Configure Learndevopssoftware to the security policy and requirements of your organization. Connect 35+ native LMS integrations and connectors seamlessly and securely.

Minimize employee churn. Retain top talent with your LMS

Supercharge the user experience and employee engagement to retain top performers and minimize employee churn with gamification and social learning.

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