LMS for Healthcare, Medical & Telemedicine

The training and support healthcare providers deserve all in one learning management system– so they can provide the care their patients deserve.

Minimize compliance risks, develop top healthcare professionals and elevate patient care with the top healthcare learning management system.

Simpler e-learning content management.

Centralize training programs into a single learning solution with version control that maintains consistency and minimizes compliance risk.

Streamline training efficiency.

A blended learning with social learning makes it easier than ever to connect, engage, and develop top healthcare professionals, while minimizing in-person training costs.

Go all in on compliance.

Ensure course completion and centralize compliance training materials developed in accordance with predefined standards (such as HIPPA), laws, and policies. You can also automate retraining and certifications, and simplify reporting by tracking it all in one place.

Key features & benefits for healthcare organizations

Automate your audit trail

Capture and store audit trails that are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements, in one user-friendly learning solution.

Mobile learning for medical professionals on the go

An award-winning, user-friendly mobile learning app with incorporated gamification makes it easier for them to stay on top of their learning activities on their mobile devices, even when they’re rushing between patients.

Security stronger than a brick wall

Configure Learndevopssoftware to the security policy and requirements of your organization. Learndevopssoftware maintains an ISMS that includes a full set of controls in accordance with ISO 27001 and AICPA SOC 2.

Perfect customer support and patient care

Keep customers and patients happy and healthy by standardizing online courses across different departments and teams.

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